Advantages of Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment

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1, high reliability
Concrete mixing plant equipment in our country through the development of more than 10 years, equipment performance are constantly improving, the mixing blade using a unique high-chromium high manganese alloy wear-resistant materials, shaft support and seal the form of a unique multiple seals or airtight, Greatly improve the host’s reliable performance. On the usual impact, easy to wear, such as discharge hopper, transitional bucket and other places with wear-resistant steel in the interior to strengthen; ring belt joints vulcanized bond, the service life of ordinary steel riveting increased by 3 times, which is to ensure its reliability High conditions of the premises.
2, a high degree of automation and control
All mixing stations are using industrial computer control, both automatic control can also be manually manipulated, simple and convenient operation. Control room equipped with air conditioning to ensure durable electrical components, chaotic continuous and reliable performance, while the host discharge port, dosing stations and other hub components can be set up surveillance cameras.
3, higher production capacity
The current double parallel station and the appearance of multiple parallel stations greatly improved the production capacity of major concrete companies, such as 2 120 parallel stations can increase the annual output of concrete to 600,000 cubic meters, 3 parallel stations can be improved to 800,000 Cubic meters or so, fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient capacity to restrict the development of most companies subject.
4, high precision
Camelway Concrete mixing plant metering accuracy in four areas, namely, aggregate, cement, water and additives, whether aggregate, powder or water is still weighing, weighing, control and signal conversion elements are used to import components , High-precision sensors, microcomputer control entrance, the scales were weighed individually or cumulatively, fully guarantee the correct measurement and working performance is not chaos.
5, mixing ability
Double horizontal axis forced mixer mixing ability, mixing the average quality, high yield, for dry hard, semi-hard, plastic and a variety of mixing ratio of concrete mixing effect.

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