Advantages of large concrete mixing plants

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Large concrete mixing plants are equipped with environmental protection facilities, and the proportion of relative environmental protection funds is even more abundant. There have been major improvements in dust removal, wastewater slag, noise control, and more.
Large-scale concrete mixing plants produce more land for production and facilitate supervision by functional departments. It is also more convenient for the monitoring of concrete production. The quality of concrete has been greatly improved. Ensure that the safety factor for the use of concrete in the construction industry is greatly increased.
Large concrete mixing plant features:
1. The high-quality, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly concrete mixing plant provides a strong guarantee for the production of green high-performance concrete.
2. High-precision weighing system, well-known brand of weighing, control, and signal conversion components, high-precision sensors, imported microcomputer control, various materials weighed individually, stable performance, and accurate measurement. The specially designed screw conveyor for powder conveying, variable pitch design blades, high transmission efficiency. The pneumatic butterfly valve has tight sealing and reliable operation. The water and liquid additive are both crude and fine-weighing methods, and the weighing accuracy is high.
3. Concrete separation and recovery equipment, adopt three-dimensional arrangement to form a set of closed sewage treatment and sand, stone recycling system, so that all slurry water, waste recycling and reuse, to achieve zero emissions, a large limit to reduce environmental pollution, truly save energy Consumption, environmentally friendly and comfortable production.
4. Fully automatic microcomputer control system with high reliability, advanced computer control room, lower PLC to perform signal sampling and output control, the upper IPC computer dynamically displays the production process and production management, and the instrument assists in displaying the ingredients data of each scale. It can realize automatic and manual control, simple operation, friendly interface, high reliability and flexible expansion.
5. Closed green sand and sand weighing and conveying system, to minimize the noise pollution to the environment.
6. Negative-pressure bag-type pulse dedusting system thoroughly solves the problems of flying dust and environmental pollution in concrete production, effectively saving energy and protecting the environment.

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