Analysis of existing problems in concrete mixer industry in China

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The concrete mixer represents the manufacturing level of an industrial country, concrete mixer is the fundamental infrastructure, high demand, in the construction machinery industry occupies a large proportion, now concrete mixer in China also has great development, product performance has been greatly improved.
However, as more and more enterprises join, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. The status of domestic concrete mixer is many manufacturers, the large number of products, this situation may lead to similar product specifications Qi, repeated production, concrete mixer overcapacity, sluggish sales, many manufacturers of the product backlog, there has been a loss situation.
The first is the main reason of poor technological innovation, many enterprises do not attach importance to the development of products, varieties and specifications of small, low technology content, so long in the past LED industry homogeneity, compared with some foreign enterprises lack of competitive products, the reliability is not high, so many high-end machinery also need to rely on foreign imports. Especially some important parts of the mixer.
Therefore, in the future the concrete mixer industry needs to understand the status quo of enterprise, start from product development, continuous development of new products with the competitiveness of high reliability, eliminate a number of backward production enterprises, so as to give the concrete mixer industry to inject new vitality.

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