Analysis of methods to reduce wear of concrete mixers

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Because of the abrasion of concrete mixer caused a lot of trouble to the customer, wear in different degrees, almost all will affect the normal work of the concrete mixer, wear is unavoidable, but can reduce the degree of wear, how to reduce? In order to reduce the concrete mixer wear, I hope the user can seriously look at the following introduction!

The first is the lubrication of the concrete mixer, there are many places need lubrication, method and quantity of lubricant are not the same, sometimes also need to replace the new lubricant, lubricant and false quantitative timing is needed, the user must understand the lubrication technology, ensure the lubrication of concrete mixer.

Concrete mixer is relatively easy to wear parts of the vibrating screen, mixing blades, surface, mixing drum, how to reduce the wear and tear in these places? Key wear and vibration bearing in the vibrating screen, the user must choose high quality bearings, lubrication device should be reasonable, the user must often carry on bearing lubrication; the stirring blades need mixing concrete, so the general wear is serious, this requires the user to pay attention to avoid large hard objects or objects such as wire method mixing barrel at with the material, and regular maintenance of concrete mixer mixing blade; possible reasons for the wear surface of MS, sliding, shock, abrasion, rust and so on, which requires the attention of the user, to avoid collision in use, and keep the surface clean, should be promptly Found rust treatment; mixing drum often wear. This requires the user to clean up when the mixing tube immediately after the end of the work, to prevent the concrete mixing barrel in solidification.

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