Analytical special concrete mixing station

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Analytical special concrete mixing station
With the development of concrete, various concrete mixing station is springing up, special concrete mixing station, as a new word in concrete industry, also gradually into the public eye. What is the special form of concrete mixing station, here to analyze.
About the special concrete mixing station, there are so several classification.
1.marine concrete mixing station
Marine concrete mixing station is a concrete mixing plant specially used for water construction.. The equipment is a large water mixing plant which is a large water mixing plant which is stored, measured and stirred.. The characteristics of the product are: equipment installation on the ship, material storage, measuring, mixing and pump send in one, suitable for the wide waters concrete construction; measurement adopts pull rod structure, meet the ship swing when the measurement accuracy requirements. Sewage recycling, meet the water surface construction environmental protection requirements. Mainly for the cross sea, cross river bridge and coastal, along the river port, dock and other water projects of concrete production.
2.Mobile concrete mixing station
Mobile concrete mixing station has the advantages of compact structure, loading, weighing and enhanced mixing as a whole, mobile convenience, saving time and labor and improve the productivity. Equipped with the rear axle, can quickly transfer the site in the tractor under. With convenient installation and quick transitions, without concrete foundation equipment. Frequently is the transition of the construction engineering, water, electricity, roads, ports, bridges and other construction projects and major projects of early concrete construction.
3. new type of free foundation outlet concrete mixing station
New free export base type concrete mixing station is composed of material supply and metering system, a stirring system, electrical control system, pneumatic control system, for the above medium size construction, water and electricity, roads, ports, airports, bridges and other engineering construction and medium-sized business product concrete pre product factory and commodity concrete production plant. The operators of the concrete station and storage of three kinds of aggregates, using the loading machine feeding, with two powder silo and the corresponding screw conveyor. Aggregate, water and additive and cement are used in electronic metering, mixing console with double horizontal shaft type, with a mix of good quality, the utility model has the advantages of high production efficiency. Electrical system is equipped with industrial computer, printer, centralized control of whole set of equipment, the overall management, with production process real-time display, information storage, automatic printing, automatic gap compensation, abnormal alarm and other functions. Production process control with manual, automatic two control mode, can be converted to switch to facilitate conversion. This series of commercial concrete commercial concrete station adopts modular design, easy transportation and container transportation equipment.

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