Some basic knowledge about the concrete mixing station needs to be known

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The mixing station is mainly used for concrete engineering, mainly used for mixing concrete, suitable for city commercial ready mixed concrete, bridge, water conservancy, airports, ports and other large-scale infrastructure construction projects and the concrete demand of the place. In order to facilitate the broad masses of users more detailed understanding of mixing station, Xiao Bian made a summary of the following knowledge of the mixing station:
The first concrete mixing station and user right to choose the appropriate mixing station; station is mainly used in the production of concrete mixing concrete, high production efficiency and high degree of automation, labor saving, time saving, accelerate the project progress. Users in the self selection of mixing station, must first be clear about your project schedule and demand, and then understand the mixing performance and production efficiency of the station, then you can choose a suitable concrete mixing station.
The concrete mixing station used to note what; to ensure mixing station every equipment cleaning is required, the user should always check the concrete mixing equipment of each station, make the best of nip in the bud, you need to add lubricant to add local time.
The last is the concrete mixing station management method; mixing station is a relatively large equipment, also need a lot of people to manage, so the user must have a set of perfect management scheme, so that no matter what kind of mixing problem can make the process of everything in good order and well arranged.

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