Camelway’s new environmental friendly mixing plant exported to Indonesia

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Recently, Camelway’s new environment-friendly mixing plant has been successfully accepted and delivered to customers. This indicates that Camelway has taken a new step in the customization of mixing plants. In the process of installation and commissioning, Camelway’s new environment-friendly mixing plant has been highly recognized by customers.

The new environmentally friendly mixing plant has the advantages of small footprint, high production efficiency, and high degree of automation.

Product positioning: high efficiency and environmental protection.

Product design: In accordance with the “advanced technology, do not destroy” product concept, in the mixing host, measurement systems, electronic control systems and other aspects are integrated with foreign advanced technology.

The environment-friendly mixing plant equipped with this project adopts new technology and new materials. The overall processing technology of the concrete is more energy-efficient. The wear-resistant parts of the differential design have a longer life. Then hold the shaft effect.

The metering system adopts a new generation of flow stability control technology. The structural design breaks through the symmetry of the material flow, eliminates the influence of positive and negative pressure, and can automatically switch to slow discharge technology at the end of feeding.

The operation of the control system is more user-friendly, and there is a “black box” monitoring function that can record each operation details to facilitate later data statistics and traceability of problems.

Camelway Machinery always upholds the customer-centric service concept, requires itself with high standards, continues to meet the customer’s customized needs, and strives to serve customers.

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