How can the concrete mixer be overhauled?

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How can the concrete mixer be overhauled?

As an excellent ladder type concrete mixer, the company mainly in the production of mixing equipment, and provide a variety of solutions for customers Difficult miscellaneous diseases, today for customers to share how to do maintenance of mixing equipment:
1, check shaft is not leaked appearance, such as timely to change shaft seal.
2, often finishing with the machine mixing materials, such as local wear, please timely welding repair.
3, check the motor shaft is not about refueling.
4, check the switchboard terminal is not loose, if any, please tighten, adhere to the distribution cabinet cleaning.
5, when mixing material is not ideal, check whether it is possible to replace mixing blade, lining plate.
6, mixing, the machine operation has noise, check bearings, mixing shaft is not damaged, or in the support mixing slot is stuck appearance.
These are automatic concrete mixer, often need to pay attention to the key to protection, the customer must be carefully checked in use, to ensure that the equipment can run properly.


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