Classification of concrete mixing station

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There are many kinds of concrete mixing stations according to different ways. This post introduces the types and differences of concrete mixing stations according to the structure classification, according to the layout of the process, according to the operation form and scale.

According to the structure of the concrete mixing station
It can be divided into a movable concrete mixing station and a fixed concrete mixing station. Generally speaking, the engineering concrete mixing station at the construction site is mostly mobile, while the long term concrete mixing plant in a fixed area is fixed concrete mixing station.
According to the layout of the concrete mixing station
It can be divided into two types: single order and double order. Generally speaking, the production efficiency of the double order is low, the production speed is slow, while the single order is relatively high production efficiency and the production speed is fast.
According to the operation form of concrete mixing station to divide
It can be divided into two types: periodic and continuous. The difference between them is that the periodic feed system and the discharging system perform cycle production according to a certain period, while the continuous ones continuously feed and discharge.
According to the scale of the concrete mixing station
It is generally divided into small concrete mixing stations, and two types of large and medium concrete mixing stations. The difference between the two is mainly the production efficiency, the production capacity and the type of concrete in the production.


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