Commercial concrete mixing station excellent control of the operating system

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The advantages of the commercial concrete mixing plant control operating system are as follows:

1) machine using computer control, both automatic control, but also manual operation, easy to operate.

2) dynamic panel display mixing station (floor) the operation of the various components, and can store mixing station (floor) of various data, according to the requirements of printing various types of statements, storage formula up to 30,000 or more.

3) The control room is bright and spacious, nice and equipped with air conditioning to ensure that the electrical components are durable and stable and reliable.

4) The control system adopts the unique double machine double control form, the control machine and the management machine data sharing, the control machine can change to the management machine failure, the maximum guarantee system continuous normal operation.

5) in the host unloading mouth, ingredients station and other key components can be set to monitor the camera.

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