Common Faults and Treatment of Concrete Mixing Station

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HZS90 and HZS120 concrete mixing plant in the use of the process, Due to parts aging, wear and environmental effects, is inevitable The following common faults occur.

1.Conveyor belt deviation

The failure of the performance of three cases First, the conveyor belt in the case of no load and load to the same side of the deviation, that is, the conveyor belt centerline lateral deviation, the conveyor belt to the side of the material less; second conveyor belt left and right run Side and no fixed direction; Third, the conveyor belt in the middle of the conveyor belt conveyor deviation.
Foundation uneven, flat roller stickers, grooved roll left and right imbalance and the main, passive roller adjustment unbalance will cause the conveyor belt deviation. If the conveyor belt in the case of no load and load to the same side of the deviation, indicating the belt on both sides of the tightness is not the same or uneven rack. At this point, the rack base should be the first leveling, remove the flat roller on the sticky material, adjust the tension screw or counterweight. If the conveyor belt left and right deviation without a fixed direction, then the conveyor belt relaxation, should adjust the tensioning mechanism. If the conveyor belt in the middle of the conveyor deviation, by adjusting the position of the roller group to correct, as shown in Figure 1.  
Adjustment method If the conveyor belt is biased to one side, the side roller group should be moved forward in the direction of the conveyor belt, or the other side roller group can be moved backward or the other side roller holder is properly raised. The return roller group is the same as the carrier roller group. For the longer conveyor belt conveyor system, adjust the roller group is very effective. The adjustment of the drum is an important part of the adjustment of the conveyor belt, and the installation position of the drum must be perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor direction. Otherwise, the deviation will occur. As shown in Figure 2, if the conveyor belt to its right side deviation, should be the right side of the bearing seat forward (or the left side of the bearing seat back); if the conveyor belt to the left side of the drum deviation, then Move the left side bearing seat forward or the right side bearing seat backwards. If the conveyor belt relative to the moving roller deviation, adjust the method and the active roller just the opposite.

2.Cement scale weighing not allowed

The fault performance for the Canadian code after the calibration can show the correct value,
After unloading the number is not zero, clear and then add the digital code changes
Larger, but check the sensor resistance value in the normal range, and the instrument no
Analysis of the reasons may be: transport with a fixed scale frame angle iron did not
Unloading the indenter and pressure plate at the card scale body and the outside world interfere with each other
The sensor model does not match the load when the material is weighed.
The treatment method is: if the transport with a fixed scale frame angle iron is not
Removed, should be promptly removed if the pressure head or pressure plate card issuer, should be timely
Reason to make it smooth and no resistance if the scale body and the outside world to interfere, should be
Timely isolation If the sensor model does not match, should be replaced
Model of the same sensor if the material partial load, should be adjusted.

3.Unloading doors are not difficult to open and close

The fault is manifested as a slow and weak air force, but check the discharge
Door mechanical part of the friction, stuck phenomenon, and the solenoid valve, the cylinder are
No leaks.
Analysis of the reasons may be poor air, such as the Department of air supply triple
Pieces of gas-water separator filter too dirty, resulting in poor airway, so that units
Time gas flow to reduce, resulting in slow cylinder activity disappeared
The sound is too dirty, in the cylinder when the rod and rodless cavity pressure difference
Small, causing the cylinder to move slowly.
Treatment method is if the air is poor, should be promptly cleaned or replaced
If the muffler is too dirty, the muffler should be cleaned up in time.

4.The outlet is not expected

The fault is shown in the contactor pull, the motor clockwise rotation
Turn, the child screw conveyor outlet is not expected, the time is slightly empty
The air switch will trip the air switch is turned on after the start of the motor is still tripping, observe the powder without coagulation phenomenon.
Analysis of the reasons may be the parent machine for the reverse air switch damage
Bad mother machine motor wiring may have a poor contact.
If the machine is reversed, the machine is connected to the motor
Any of the lines can be adjusted if the air switch is damaged, should be more
For the machine if the machine is connected with a poor contact, should check the Department

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