Common Problems and Solutions of Concrete Batching Plant

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When the concrete mixing plant is heavily overloaded, the motor transmission belt is loose or there is a large foreign matter between the mixing blades or the side blades and the inner wall of the tank, the concrete mixing plant will stop turning. How to solve it, I will explain the problem to you now.

First, when there are large materials in the mixing drum, such as large particles of stone, it will cause the blade and the blade to get stuck, and the stirring shaft will rotate slowly or stop rotating. If this happens, it is usually when the stirring shaft rotates. There will be sharp and harsh sounds of friction, the staff can determine the reason for the stalling of the mixing plant through the frictional sound, at this time, the staff needs to stop the inspection immediately, remove foreign matter, adjust the blades and side blades of the mixer, and the inner wall between the blade and the tank. gap.
Secondly, when the side vanes and the inner wall of the tank become stuck, there will often be sharp and harsh sounding noises before the agitator shaft stops. When this happens, it is necessary to immediately stop the inspection, manually remove the foreign matter, and readjust the mixing blades of the concrete mixer or The gap between the side blades and the inner wall of the tank.
Third, the concrete mixer is overloaded and causes the agitator shaft to stop rotating. It is only necessary to adjust the feed amount, discharge excess material, and reduce the rotational load of the agitator shaft.
Fourth, if the concrete mixer motor drive belt is too loose, adjust the tension of the concrete mixer motor drive belt after shutting down.

When working at a concrete batching plant, workers need to be careful about the mechanics and let the machinery run at high speed under normal conditions. Reduce the possibility of accidents.

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