Concrete mixer of the important components of equipment

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Concrete Mixers are currently investing in many projects in the project, depending on their specific application in China, and now we live in buildings, bridges and large buildings, using raw materials from concrete. So for the customer, is a very good investment opportunities, of course, to successfully invest in commercial concrete mixing plant, we must understand the key equipment.
1, portable concrete mixing equipment mixing host, forced concrete mixer low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, easy operation, mixed quality, and high efficiency;
2, cement silos – cement silos for storage tanks, usually used as concrete mixing plant (floor) auxiliary products;
3, aggregate belt conveyor, which is a widely used continuous conveyor equipment, usually as a concrete mixing plant equipment and supporting the use of products.
4, screw conveyor, screw conveyor widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, food processing, machinery and other departments as a continuous conveyor;
5, concrete mixing station equipment monitoring and control system, plc control system, monitoring system and dual display data management system, at a glance, human intelligent control system. Simple operation, fault self-diagnosis system to ensure high accuracy.
In short, concrete mixers, cement silos, belt conveyors, screw conveyors and measurement and control systems are indispensable for the sale of mobile concrete mixing equipment. These important equipment must be inspected on the equipment selection. In the use of these components to the regular maintenance of equipment to ensure that the concrete mixing plant safe and efficient production.
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