What are the concrete mixer parts need daily maintenance?

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What are the concrete mixer parts need daily maintenance?

For the quality of the ladder type concrete mixer, is composed of a plurality of primary components, mixing machine, sand mixing equipment, cement support warehouse, hoisting machine, screw conveyor and so on, these devices are able to help the mixing cavity in the gravel storage, each part of its own features, in order to ensure the production well, what are the parts need daily maintenance?
1, gas road seal, drainage, to check whether the normal sensor activities;
2, with the belt machine head to adjust the broom, to the belt sweeper adjustment;
3, for the aggregate transport equipment, to check the work of the belt and the interface, to check the various materials, mouth, cylinder action and switch, to ensure the smooth progress of production;
4, the belt roller should be checked, to check the work of the motor, to ensure normal temperature;
5, regularly check the drive drum oil level, you should know that the oil level is to ensure the normal production can be guaranteed;
6, pipe valve discharge doubt, this is the basis of the hydraulic mixer work, to check the water pump room level, if there is a bad time, must be added in a timely manner.


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