Concrete mixer problems and methods

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Question: how to do the concrete mixer can not start normally:
Symptom: Press the mixer start button on the console, the mixer will not start;
Cause analysis and troubleshooting:
1, too much feed, causing excessive load mixer; method: check the entire weighing system is normal; whether there is a plate of residual material in the mixer and whether there is no secondary feeding phenomenon;
2. The gap between the blade and the liner of the agitation system is too large. During the agitation process, the resistance is increased. Method: Check whether the gap between the blade and the liner of the agitator is 3-8mm, and whether the thickness of the liner is >2-3mm. . If it is changed;
3, transmission belt is too loose, so that the efficiency of the transmission system is low; method: check the tightness of the transmission belt is more than 20mm, if it is adjusted or replaced;
4. The safety inspection switch on the top cover of the mixing machine is loosened, causing shutdown; Method: Check whether the safety switch on the top cover of the host is loose and handle it;
5, gear box and chrysanthemum shaft damage; method: check and replace.

Question: the mixer abnormal sound
Cause Analysis and Troubleshooting
1. Stir the knife against the lining plate; Method: Adjust the gap between the mixing knife and the liner, and tighten the mixing knife and bolt;
2, shaft head abnormal sound; Method: Check lubrication is in place, check the replacement shaft seal;
3, chrysanthemum shaft abnormal sound; method: check and replace.

Question: he mixer discharge door closed no signal
Fault phenomenon:

After the mixer unloads the material, the discharge door is closed, but the door signal is not relevant, causing the program to stop running.
Analysis of the cause:

The distance between the proximity switch of the mixer discharge door and the pointer of the turning handle on the discharge door does not exceed 5 mm to sense the signal. When the discharge gate is overreached due to the pressure of the oil pump or the scrap in the mixer is stuck when the discharge door is closed, the proximity switch is close to the handle of the turning handle and there is no signal, because the proximity switch or the handle of the turning handle is loose, so that the proximity distance Above 5mm, the proximity switch also does not sense the signal. There is no signal output if the proximity switch is damaged.
Method: Check whether the working pressure of the discharge door hydraulic system meets the requirement; switch to manual, open the mixer discharge door, make the stuck material fall and close; check the proximity switch and turning handle pointer is loose; check the proximity switch Is it damaged?

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