Concrete mixing station so that the management efficiency is high

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Concrete mixing station management is a university asked, the construction industry is very competitive, how to win the market, is a test of the mixing station administrator skill.
Mixing station management is a sales as a leader, production as the key, technology as the core of the overall management. Which is a strict control of the management process, through the refinement of various job responsibilities; cost management, through specific requirements, to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of waiting; In short, the management of the mixing station is a detailed management, only according to the specific Questions answered you.
Concrete mixing station management work is not a person to complete, and more need all the staff with the staff is the core of the concrete mixing plant, and management personnel is the leader of the mixing station, a reasonable deployment of staff division, timely To solve the problem of staff feedback.
Management should be refined, can not be too big, the task of the layout to follow up to verify, if not completed, to take the appropriate measures, no rules are not a radius; management should be organized, what people do what time, Not arranged well, rush to find a living, then the mixing station soon into a pot of porridge. Therefore, the order is very necessary.

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