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Concrete production line contain complete concrete batching plant equipment, purchase high-quality concrete batching plant equipment, not just decide by its price level or brand, but according to customers actual needs and the overall quality. CamelWay concrete batching plant manufacturer talk about how to buy superior concrete batching plant from the following aspects: production scale, construction site, batching plant auxiliary equipment, equipment specifications, supplier credit, and Cost performance.

1. Production scale According to the scale of production to determine the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment. Below the annual output of 0.2million m3, concrete mixing equipment productivity is generally not less than 90m3 / h; the annual output of 0.2—0.3 million m3, concrete mixing equipment productivity is 120m3 / h; annual output of 30 million m3, concrete mixing equipment productivity is 150m3 / h or 200m3 / h.

2. Construction site Depending on the size of the construction site, you can choose different types of concrete batching plant. Using concrete batching plant, aggregate promoted twice, equipped flexible layout, and low one-time investment costs, fabrication and installation cycle is short. Large batching plant has outside closed structure, ensure less pollution.

3. Batching Plant Auxiliary Equipment Select the specification and size according to the attachment(auxiliary equipment)device. The loading capacity of mixing truck concrete mixer should match with the ability of material mixer, improper matching will affect the work efficiency. Loading machine capacity of concrete mixing station should match the feeding height.

4.Equipment Specifications Equipment Specifications mainly considerate from the advancement, reliability, quality and versatility. The equipment should have advanced working principle, high degree automation, powerful management and good environmental performance characteristics. Equipment should be equipped with good, reliable control, strong applicability, good maintenance performance. In addition, we must consider the high accuracy, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, the use of a large amount of standard parts, excellent interchangeability.

5. Supplier Credit We should pay attention these area about the factory: whether installation and debugging is strict; technical guidance and training is in place or not; how is the after sales service; is the spare parts supply sufficient.

6. Cost Performance The blind pursuit of the technical performance of the device is unwise, it will increase unnecessary investment. But reduce equipment quality to pursuit low investment will increased using investment, this is also undesirable.

Current imported equipment has good overall performance, but the price is also more expensive. The several domestic well-known brands, overall performance may not be compared with the imported equipment, but the key parts are generally imported components, the main performance is not much worse than the imported equipment, the price is much lower. More reasonable approach is to choose the right cost performance.

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