conmat batching plant 75 capacity

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HZS75 concrete batching plant is suitable for on-site mass production of concrete. Mostly used for engineering, highways, high-speed, railways, bridges, and on-site construction and production.

What are the advantages of HZS75 concrete batching plant?
First, the 75-type batching plant belongs to the larger type of batching plant in small and medium-sized batching plants. This type of batching plant greatly improves the construction speed of small projects, and the new construction process that is different from other small-scale batching plants also realizes the continuous operation of concrete batching plants. Casting, the use of concrete pump trucks on the transport, its transport capacity far exceeds the old-fashioned crane hopper speed, rapid construction has also been achieved.
 Secondly, some construction problems that were difficult to solve were solved. With the increasingly large-scale and artistic building structures on the market, there are various difficult-to-construction parts in the buildings. The difficulties are that the concrete cannot be transported, and some are unable to operate. Well, it is difficult to make concrete construction. However, in the face of pumping concrete and emerging self-compacting concrete technology used in 75 batching plants, the construction of these parts has great advantages.
 Thirdly, the 75-type batching plant adopts a green design, which can effectively reduce the pollution on the construction site. In the past, the batching plant used a transport construction method of reversing the loading and unloading of the concrete. Drainage of the concrete cannot be avoided. This phenomenon causes damage to the construction site. No small pollution. However, the use of pumped concrete to transport the concrete in a closed pipeline does not cause drip leakage, and it does not cause pollution on the construction site.

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