Considerations for using concrete batching plants

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Concrete mixing station is the main raw material of cement, cement at home and abroad the main varieties are: Portland cement, ordinary portland cement, slag Portland cement, volcano marly Portland cement and Portland fly-ash cement, so as a cement concrete mixing station selection is very important, in general, according to the characteristics of cement the early strength of concrete engineering requirements, and should be used in Portland cement or ordinary portland cement in mass concrete works, should be used for slag cement.
As a manager of concrete mixing station, it is very important to control the raw material in the daily management.
First, cement before entering the market must be good inspection, there must be related to the factory certificate and experimental reports.
Two, for relatively long storage of cement must be advanced test, in general circumstances, cement from the factory began more than three months will be considered overdue.
Three, not when the production of different cement products mixed together, for the same variety of cement of different strength grade or different date cannot be mixed use, as management personnel to keep in mind the above rules. At the same time, materials such as sand, gravel and water are also important. Concrete mixing plants should be strictly implemented according to national standards.
The management must have a detailed knowledge of the basic characteristics of the concrete, and the concrete strength of the concrete mixing plant shall be up to the required grade. The workability of concrete is a comprehensive technical property, and the workability of concrete directly affects the construction and strength grade of concrete, so workability is an important index to judge whether concrete quality is good or not.

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