Construction Lifter

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Construction Lifter


CamelWay construction lifter is a kind of gear rack drive elevator, construction lifters are widely used at the sites of industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground construction, large chimney construction, ship industry, which is convenient for transport of both material and human.


It is convenient for installation and disassembly, also can be increased with the rise of the building. SC type construction lifter has very reliable electrical and mechanical safety system, is the construction of vertical transportation equipment with safe and efficient.


Item Model
Cage 1.3m Cage 1.5m
Manufacturing License TS241058-2013
Anti-fall Safety Device SAJ40-1.2
Rated Load(kg) 2000/2000
Rated Lifting Speed(m/min) 36
Maximum Lifting Height (m) 150
Motor Power(kw) 11*3
Power Consumption(kva) 13*3
Cage Weight(kg) 1300/1800 1500/2000
Cage Clearance Dimensions(mm) 150 188
Each Standard Quality(kg) 3000*1300*2550




Each Standard Size(kg) 650**650*1508 / 800*800*1508

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