Correct method for cleaning hydraulic concrete mixer

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A simple method of cleaning concrete mixers
Hydraulic concrete mixer easy to use, easy to save, this all know, but after use for a period of time, there are concrete in the warehouse fouling, how to clean up? The following method will be your concrete mixer spotless.
Distinguish between hydraulic concrete mixer and mortar mixer: mortar mixer a little faster, smaller, too heavy hydraulic concrete mixer volume is too large, slightly more complicated structure, when cleaning a little trouble.
A good way to clean up the residue of a hydraulic mixer: the concrete residue in the mixer can be ground with a stone. According to concrete mixer capacity measurement of a certain amount of stones (such as 2m, a few sets of 2 tons of stones), turn for a while, so that some of the lower strength of the concrete quickly grinding down. Then they were cleaned with iron and steel hammers. Pay attention to the cleaning time, usually once a day or every class. After a long period of time, the intensity is very strenuous. Finally, the hydraulic concrete mixer concrete residue field only with iron hammer, or slowly get a spatula. Cleaning concrete mixers is a delicate task, so once it’s found, it should be cleaned up in time

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