Cost and stability of stabilized soil mixing station

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With the progress of the times, the progress of science and technology, the development of industry, people gradually in the primary labor instead of labor, most enterprises only from the macro to see the machine is higher than the labor efficiency, but the company should be more in-depth understanding of their own industry because the machine is dead and is alive, so sometimes people than machine high efficiency. Here, we start with people instead of human labor by machine production. When we see the efficiency of production, we should also calculate the operating costs.
Stabilized soil mixing station cost to take full account of the project required mechanical equipment, types, the number of land resources, the use of time and cost; stabilized soil mixing station is occupied or rented, as well as the need to purchase a new mechanical equipment and raw material purchasing, fuel type, quantity, price and purchase funds; transport the main source of tools and equipment, transport distance, transport machinery and equipment operation; hand and labor costs management department; the form of organization, personnel arrangement and related expenses etc..
For the mechanical equipment of the stabilized soil mixing station, it is necessary to predict the use charge and management cost of the equipment. The fee includes the cost for construction machinery and equipment used in the construction process of the occurrence and rental units of machinery and equipment rental fees and mechanical equipment installation and disassembly and access fee; management fees include the organization and management of construction machinery and equipment costs. At the same time to correct view of fixed and mobile mixing station mixing station difference, from the intuitive, fixed and mobile mixing station mixing station price difference, but from the deep, from the perspective of the development, the fixed benefit ratio of the mobile mixing station mixing station is much higher, in addition to the social benefits, economic benefits is very high.

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