The dedusting equipment of concrete batching plant is very important

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In the field case, many concrete mixing stations, despite the use of suitable dust removal equipment, still have a poor dusting effect. Some are installed after dust removal equipment, weighing bucket produced negative pressure, and affected the accuracy of powder weighing. Therefore, the rational use of concrete mixing station dust removal equipment is very important.
At the scene of the concrete mixing plant, some users directly connect the draft pipe of the concrete mixer to the dust collector of the dust collector in order to save the cost. However, due to the suction fan, pulse blown dust can not be deposited in the bottom and flows to the host, the filter element is always surrounded by dust, dust due to no settlement, which greatly reduces the working efficiency of a dust catcher.

The user can in the dust hopper is arranged at the bottom of a butterfly valve, close the precipitator work, the air guide pipe are connected to the side flange of dust hopper all that provides space for the settlement of dust blown pulse, avoid pollution two dust filter. In the concrete mixing station, the user can according to the actual situation, every four or five hours to clean out the dust collection regularly open the valve to the discharge of dust to concrete mixer, so as to reduce labor intensity.
During the operation of the concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to design and rationally apply the dust removal equipment. Not only can the dust pollution be avoided, but also the overall performance of the concrete mixing station is greatly improved.

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