Difference between dry concrete batching plant and wet concrete batching plant

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Concrete batching plant are divided into dry (mixed) Concrete batching plant and wet (premixed) Concrete batching plant.

Dry mix concrete batching plant-dry mix concrete

The dry batching concrete batching plant is not equipped with a mixer system, and all aggregates are mixed by a concrete mixer truck (tank truck). The working process is: aggregates such as sand, gravel and cement are weighed by electronic scale or manual scale, and then the weighed aggregates are discharged into the mixer. At the same time, a certain proportion of water is discharged into the mixer. Before the mixer truck arrives at the construction site, the aggregate in the mixer truck should be mixed for at least 70 to 100 revolutions. Dry batching concrete batching plant is mainly used in the wide and sparsely populated area to prevent wet concrete from segregating in long-distance and long-term movement in the batching truck, which will cause the concrete quality to deteriorate.

Ready-mixed concrete batching plant-Ready-mixed concrete

Ready-mixed Concrete batching plant are commonly used to produce wet concrete, that is, ready-mixed concrete. Ready-mixed concrete refers to cement, aggregate, water, admixtures, mineral admixtures, etc. that are mixed according to need, measured and mixed at a batching plant and sold using a transport vehicle within a specified time. Concrete mix shipped to the point of use.

In recent years, with its low cost and excellent performance, ready-mixed concrete has become the new darling of the construction industry, and more and more ready-mixed batching plant will follow. The output of the premix batching plant ranges from 25m³/ h to 480m³/ h. The product configuration can be customized according to customer needs, and the price varies depending on the configuration.

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