How to distinguish the Cement Quality of Concrete Batching Plant

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The quality of cement in concrete batching plant is directly related to the quality of construction! But now the cement industry is in a mess: clinker is unqualified that clinker content in cement is far below the standard which can only be named abrasive powder. Cement regulation is in deficiency!
The cement clinker in the standard in concrete batching plant is that ordinary silicate of cement clinker and gypsum content should not less than 80%, and less than 95%. But now, even the content of cement clinker in large factory is only 65% to 70%, and small cement clinker is only about 50%.
The cement is supervised and managed by the technical supervision bureau, and technical supervision bureau sampling once a year, and the test project has only strength, setting time and stability, plus some chemical indicators, which is not enough! We should strictly make the clinker testing, and in the acceptance of cement, we should increase the clinker testing, not only test strength, setting time and stability, but also test magnesium oxide and other chemical indicators.

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