Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant features

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Environmental protection concrete mixing plant features With the social progress and development of science and technology, environmental issues have aroused more and more people’s attention. After years of efforts, environmental protection concrete mixing station initial success, the specific features are as follows:

1. Eliminate the control of pollution sources
① dust control. Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant with its matching dust collector, automatic dust collection, dust collection and collection of the system will automatically enter the production system to reduce the secondary pollution of dust; sprinkler arrangement in the aggregate site to reduce the operating sand Of the dust.
② wastewater treatment. Environment-friendly concrete mixing plant equipped with sand separator and slurry recovery system, mixing plant wastewater, waste residue, sand and gravel after separation of sand and gravel, sand and gravel yard into the re-use of wastewater through the waste water Re-enter the production of water systems, waste water, waste zero emissions.
③ noise management. Environmentally friendly mixing station with a uniform gravel blanking system to reduce motor power, reduce noise; The station uses a low noise motor system to reduce the noise impact on the environment, vibration equipment and other equipment connected to the site are arranged to place the shock pad to reduce vibration noise.
2. Cut off the route of transmission
Environmentally-friendly concrete mixing station cut off the transmission of pollution the most effective way is to package the entire station, the package will be the source of pollution and the surrounding environment for effective isolation of pollutants in a limited space, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.
Aesthetics As the basic requirement of environment-friendly mixing plant, it can be concluded that the environment-friendly mixing plant is a modernized plant with perfect combination of mixing technology, environmental protection technology and architectural art. The whole station has aesthetically pleasing structure, which is in harmony with the surrounding environment and has a reasonable layout.

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