Error analysis of concrete mixing plant

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Concrete mixing plant work preparatory work is an important part of the ingredients, and ingredients is an important part of the concrete preparation process, a variety of mixing materials must be accurately measured. The preparation of concrete must be strictly controlled ingredients to ensure that concrete can reach the design label after hardening. Here we analyze for you the reasons for the error prone ingredients in the process of analysis:

1. Batching machine structure is not reasonable measurement error
In order to force the sensor evenly, should make the aggregate into the weighing hopper after the center of gravity and weighing hopper in a vertical line. In fact, the aggregate is not a homogeneous material, plus the bucket on the design of the error, so that the theoretical center of gravity and the actual center of gravity do not coincide, resulting in uneven force of three sensors error.
2. Human factors have errors
Dosing machine In the process of dosing, when the material in the hopper reaches the set value, the dosing belt conveyor will stop automatically (the pneumatic feed door is closed), but at this moment, some materials still fall into the weighing hopper from the air Part of the weight of the material known as the gap. Most batching machines do not automatically correct the drop. In order to ensure the accuracy of ingredients, the material is generally artificial drop of the drop value, the set value minus the drop value. After the drop value is set, due to the aggregate or dry or wet, or by the loader when the impact of the feed, the actual drop and set the gap between the error will also occur.
3. Ingredients control system components itself, the stability and reliability of the error
In the domestic mixing station, water and additives are generally measured by flowmeter. Due to the limitations of the flowmeter’s own measurement principle, the measured medium must be measured at the specified flow rate, flow rate, temperature, pressure, medium stability and other conditions to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. In practice, flowmeter measurement error due to fluctuations in these conditions.

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