Failure of Pneumatic Auxiliary Components in Concrete Mixing Station

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Failure Analysis and Countermeasure of Pneumatic Auxiliary Element in Concrete Mixing Station

(1) the adjustment of the oil mist regulator is too small, the oil blockage, pipeline leakage and so will make the liquid oil droplets can not be atomized, should be dealt with in time to plug and leak, adjust the amount of oil to make it 5 drops / min or so. Normal use, the oil cup to keep the oil in the upper and lower limits. Moisture at the bottom of the cup should be removed in time.

(2) automatic sewage within the oil and water can not be automatically excluded, should be removed inspection and cleaning.

(3) When the muffler installed on the valve is too dirty or blocked, it will also affect the sensitivity of the valve, to always wash the muffler.

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