Features of compulsory concrete mixer

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The JS series Compulsory Concrete Mixer is developed by compare with conventional drum concrete mixer.


JZC Concrete mixer working principle is that: work by the rotation of the drum, the sand by their own gravity, with a drum carried aloft fall, in order to achieve the purpose of mixing.

JS series compulsory concrete mixer, totally dependent on two large axes, mandatory mixing concrete with such characters–high mixing speed, and high efficiency.


While JS series compulsory concrete mixer depend on large axes mixing, it is easy to be affected by external man-made factors. When the following two kinds of situations happen, it is easy to cause the destruction of equipment:

1. First feeding, then start the mixer.

2. The stones are too large in all aggregate.

In a word, compulsory concrete mixer concrete mixer can meet more stringent requirements, more efficient to complete concrete production tasks. Moreover, the staff needs have the most serious and responsible attitude, to avoid equipment damage due to improper artificial operation.

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