Four points to set up mixing station

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First, the mixing system of the mixing station and the system of feeding ingredients should be configured according to the project duration, the total amount of concrete and the daily amount of concrete used to meet the maximum daily production capacity of concrete. A mixer and related ingredients The system is a production line; general engineering can be set up a production line, larger and important projects should be set up two production lines, arranged side by side, left and right symmetry, in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project; a project can only set a mixing station, you can press Set the mixing station separately, or set up a large mixing plant and then set the amount of concrete tanker; the specific number may be determined according to the actual situation.

Second: sand, stone yard area must be large enough to meet the needs of project consumption, and can easily organize the feed replenishment; gravel sub-district for stacking, to prevent the mixture caused by concrete grading is not allowed; equipped with loader feed And the sand and gravel were stacked neatly; site to be hardened to facilitate loader loading and prevent dirt and other debris into the sand and gravel.

Third: a mixing station with 1-2 pools, to be able to ensure concrete mixing and mechanical cleaning required. A production line with at least 2 corresponding to the cement silos, preferably 3, take turns using or timely replenishment to meet the needs of concrete production, but also do not make the cement backlog. Large size and pumping concrete generally need to mix fly ash and additives, according to the scene were placed to facilitate the use of appropriate.

Fourth: As for the delivery of finished concrete way, you can choose concrete pump way or transport tanker way. Concrete pump way to meet the delivery distance and height and the supply of concrete as the basis, the general layout in front of the mixer, pump pipe connected to the pouring; with concrete pump less than the water can be used or more places can be used Transport tanker more appropriate way.

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