How do you acceptance check the concrete mixing station?

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When you are a technician or the person in charge of a mixing plant, how do you determine if a concrete mixing plant is qualified? Here are a few validation criteria for you:

1. If the mixer of the concrete mixing station is a self-dropping type mixing drum, the radial runout of the discharging ring of the concrete mixing station should not exceed 1% of the diameter of the inlet port, and the quality and screen of the reinforcing bars of the vibrating screen mesh on the mixer should also be checked. Mesh and screen size and check the screen installation accuracy;

2. The operation of the drive system of the concrete mixing plant should be flexible and there should be no abnormal noise;

3. The belt conveyors, bucket elevators and cantilever dragging shovels in the concrete mixing station equipment should be driven smoothly, with flexible operation, high braking, no abnormal noise, and no card chain;

4. The inspection of the measurement system is also very important. The sensitivity and accuracy of the measurement system must be checked.

5. The metering bucket should be smoothly discharged and discharged, and there should be no phenomenon such as material accumulation or flashing;

6. There is no leakage of the safety valve of the concrete batching station; the quality of the cement tank is qualified; the installation of the matching line must be reasonable and the installation of the equipment must be correct.

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