How much concrete mixing plant equipment ? With these factors

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Production of concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturers many users choose more, but will have the choice of phobia. But the user will wonder why the various manufacturers of mixing plant equipment so many differences in price? I sorted out the three factors for reference:

1.Device configuration
Equipment configuration is the most important factor influencing the price of equipment in mixing plant. The advanced nature of equipment configuration will directly affect the production efficiency of equipment. The main configuration of the concrete mixing plant equipment mandatory mixer, the request is mixing quality, high production efficiency; PLD batching machine series, requiring accurate ingredients, ingredients fast; screw conveyor, conveying efficiency requirements; cement storage, storage requirements Large amount, long service life.
2. Equipment function
Equipment advanced features or not, but also affect the price of equipment, one of the main factors. In general, the more advanced the functions of the mixing plant, the higher the degree of automation, the less human resources the equipment needs, the higher the price of the equipment will be. Conversely, mixing plant equipment prices will be lower.
3.Equipment supplier
Equipment suppliers vary, equipment configuration, manufacturing processes and after-sales service will be different. Big manufacturers and small manufacturers compared to both the quality of the process or more exquisite, so the price must be slightly higher.

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