How to clear the concrete mixing plant in the production of waste?

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Concrete mixing station at work, will produce some of the waste slag and dust production waste, these waste after a period of time, will form a solidification. Cause more difficult to clean up the phenomenon. Not disposing of these wastes will not only affect the surrounding environment. Will also waste the reuse of these waste value. The best way is to collect them for secondary use and processing.

Concrete mixing plant site, under normal circumstances, will be specially set up waste pool, used to store the debris generated during weekdays and other debris. Periodic cleaning of the pond, the pond and bottom of the dregs all for reuse, so that waste can be used twice, saving production costs. Recycled waste also needs to be stacked and shelved according to the degree of availability. For some stores that have no reusable value, they can not be directly discharged.

Concrete mixing station in the production of dust is more difficult to collect, but also the most serious damage to the surrounding, such fly dust need to use specialized dust collection equipment to collect, after recovery to return to the section of the re-use . Repeated use of resources not only can reduce costs, but also to reduce damage to the surrounding, more conducive to strengthening the image behind the aura of enterprises to develop good reputation in the industry.

Concrete mixing plant production waste secondary use, not only reduce the production of waste on the degree of environmental pollution, but also for concrete mixing plant enterprises to save a certain cost of production. Achieved a harmonious win-win situation between the environment and green production. Create a new trend of environmental protection in the construction industry

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