How to maintenance the commercial concrete mixing plant?

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 In order to ensure the normal operation of the mixing plant and give full play to its efficiency, normal maintenance and maintenance should be carried out.

1, check before each use

(1) Check the condition of wear and fixation of all steel wire ropes. The steel wire rope is fixed and reliable, and the wear should be replaced in severe cases.
(2) Check whether the water pump is filled with the reference water, whether the flush valve is closed and whether the pipeline is clean and unblocked.
(3) Check whether the cement weighing hopper discharge doors and concrete mixer discharge doors are closed and flexible.
(4) Check if the lubrication points and gearboxes have enough lubricant.

(5) Check the gap between the blade and the liner of the concrete mixer to keep it in good condition. This is very important for extending the service life of the concrete mixer.
(6) Check whether the air compressor self-protection device is reliable and whether the air pressure is stable at about 0.7MPa.
(7) Check whether each electrical device is safe and reliable. Check whether each trip switch is flexible and reliable, especially check whether the hopper lifting limit is reliable.
Note: Any inspections performed on the mixing plant must be performed with all power switches turned off and ensured that they are not accidentally closed!

2. Maintenance items after each shift

(1) Clean the concrete mixer of debris and debris.
(2) Put the gas and water in the air compressor of the air compressor.
(3) Lubricate the lubrication points.
(4) Disconnect main power and microcomputer power after shutdown.

3, weekly inspection and maintenance items

(1) Check the condensation of the remaining concrete in the mixing drum. If condensation occurs, shut down the power supply, cut off the power supply, and take care of the personnel to perform manual removal. Check the mixing blade and liner clearance and adjust if inappropriate.
(2) Check whether there is air leakage in the air circuit system and whether each cylinder action is reliable.
(3) Check the electrical system for any electrical components for damage and repair or replace them if damaged. Check for loose connections.
(4) Check the gear box lubricant oil quality and liquid level, if not required, should be replaced or added.

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