How to operate schwing stetter batching plant cp 30?

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Schwing stetter batching plant cp 30 Operating guide:

1, winter boot operation
1) In the winter season, the mixer shall be equipped with a heating device to keep the room temperature above 0°C as much as possible, and the mixing agitator must be idling for at least 30 minutes before starting work.
2) If the ambient temperature falls below this standard, a heating blower must be used to externally heat the transmission.
2, storage
1) The storage location of the mixer is preferably in a moderately heated building, and should be equipped with safety protection measures to ensure that there is no mechanical vibration, shaking, dust, moisture, no chemical erosion, the low temperature limit is not lower than -30 °C , And with flat reinforcement and other base conditions.
2) Avoid unprotected storage in the open air. If unavoidable, take appropriate measures to protect: Use only for short-term storage; Take measures to prevent the influence of the atmosphere, such as covering the wooden ceiling with plastic tarpaulin, and cover the plastic and Sunscreen with rubber material; Place the mixer carefully on a flat, reinforced base surface. If necessary, place it on a square sleeper and cover it with plastic or rubber. Sunscreen; Before the storage starts, the outside of the mixer shall be coated with anti-rust oil.

If the concrete batching plant needs to be stored for a long time, the following operations should be performed:
1) It should be stored in a safe, dry, moderately heated building;
2) Clean the mixer inside and outside and dry it;
3) All bolted joints, joint surfaces and bare rotating surfaces should be sprayed with anti-rust oil (rubber parts, eg V-belt, rubber seal) one by one, and surface protection measures should be repeated as required;
4) All the bearings, sealing elements, speed reducers and lubrication components of the mixer shall be thoroughly added with the corresponding grease and lubricant specified;
5) The grease protection layer with damaged shaft extension must be reapplied;
6) Every 3 months, you must manually turn the rotating part in the V-belt drive part, and the hand pump on the hydraulic component should operate about 5 times;
7) After 6 months of storage, the reducer should be re-lubricated.
8) The electronic components and the junction box should be waterproofed as necessary (such as wrapped with plastic film), and a desiccant should be placed inside.

Schwing stetter batching plant operating guide:

1. Periodically add lubricant to the drive system of the dosing station to regularly clean impurities;
2. Periodically clean up the gas supply system and pipelines of the batching station to prevent ice formation during winter construction;
3. After the construction is completed, clean up the remaining materials in the gravel warehouse so as to avoid the production of ice on the next day.
4. Before and after the construction, remove the gravel on the idler in time to prevent the ice from generating sharp objects and scratch the belt.
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