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HZS120 concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing plant structural features:

The concrete mixing plant is controlled by computers in a centralized manner. The operation is simple, convenient and reliable. The concrete mixing plant host uses a forced twin-shaft mixer, which can produce a variety of concrete such as plastic and dry hard. The batching machine of concrete batching plant adopts electronic weigher to accumulate metering or separate metering, in which cement, water and additives are all weighed by a weighing hopper. The metering is accurate and reliable, and the ratio of good aggregate is conveyed by the belt, and the operation is stable. efficient.
Concrete mixing plant equipment uses national well-known brand electrical components to ensure the high efficiency of production with reliable performance. HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant stirs 2-side concrete one-time, has high production efficiency, is suitable for on-site production of large quantities of concrete, and is used as a traditional standard commercial equipment for the majority of customers. Two sets of HZS120 concrete mixing plant equipment can form a dual plant. It is the best choice for large commercial manufacturers.

Concrete mixing plant host has excellent mixing performance:

Mixing plant mixing machine adopts forced twin-shaft type, with short stirring time, rapid discharge, even mixing, high productivity, for dry hard, plastic and a variety of concrete ratio can achieve a good mixing effect. The wear-resistant materials for mixer liners and agitating blades are made of high-manganese and low-chromium materials and are specially treated to enhance the durability characteristics. The special axial end support and 6-level sealing system of the concrete mixing plant increases the use efficiency and greatly improves the Concrete mixer’s overall service life.
The HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant uses a comfortable and clean operating room:
Fully-enclosed, double-glazed, anti-static, air-conditioned control room greatly improves the operator’s comfort and reduces the operator’s labor intensity.

The HZS120 concrete mixing plant equipment adopts the most advanced and reliable domestic electrical control system as a whole:

The whole machine of HZS120 concrete mixing plant is controlled by computer and PLC, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to master. The whole equipment production process can be dynamically displayed on the industrial control computer, so that the operator can clearly understand the operation of the various components, the IPC can also store data such as the ratio, output, and can print out the statistical forms, with a strong management function . The HZS120 model has friendly human-machine dialogue capabilities, providing strong support for on-site management and monitoring. With automatic error compensation, and can automatically complete the scheduled irrigation production.

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