It is very important for concrete mixing station to make good maintenance during running in period

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Speaking of concrete mixing station in the running period of maintenance, we may feel a bit strange, but if the home just bought a new car needs to run in, everyone must be familiar with, can not be familiar with. In fact, every machine that has just been bought has to be maintained during the period of running in. It is very important to do so. What maintenance should the concrete mixing station do during the running in period?
First of all, the operator should be familiar with the use of mixing equipment as soon as possible, each device must carefully read the instructions, each note should remember, and will the actual structure specifications and equipment combination, in order to better understand the structure and application of the equipment.

Secondly, in the beginning of the use of equipment, attention should be paid to adjust the accuracy of various instruments, the tightness of each screw, as well as the tightness of equipment. These are the targets that we focus on to adjust the equipment so as to have higher efficiency when the equipment is working. Of course, there is one point must be done, but also related to the concrete mixing station life point is that the lubrication of each lubrication. It is necessary to lubricate the oil before it can prevent the excessive friction of the equipment and damage to the concrete mixing plant.
Finally, what we can’t ignore is cleaning. After every use, we should clean it in time and keep the parts clean. During the running in period, the concrete mixing station is put in good order, so that the work efficiency is higher and the service life is longer.

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