To improve the quality of concrete mixing plant products to do the following matters

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Concrete mixing plant to produce high-quality concrete can have more customer support, so the production process in the mixing station want to better ensure the quality, then you need to pay attention to some of the work in the project to ensure that the concrete mixing station Production and product quality.

  • 1, the production process, arrangements for inspection of material quality. If you find the mixture ratio is abnormal, you should check the feeding port, conveyor belt and console is working properly, there should be timely adjustment of the problem.
  • 2, if the adjustment ratio is still abnormal, should immediately stop production, notify the laboratory for sampling test, according to the new mix of production.
  • 3, feeding, the loader should be with each other, balanced feeding, no flash or broken material, exercise to ensure traffic safety.
  • 4, during the production, the operator to focus, found abnormal problems should be decisive to take measures, and timely report to the field engineer.
  • 5, the mixing time of concrete should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process and the mixer instructions, high-strength concrete to extend the mixing time.
  • 6, must be equipped with the appropriate technical staff and the necessary inspection and laboratory equipment, establish and improve the necessary technical management and quality control system.

In summary, the concrete mixing plant to ensure production efficiency at the same time, should pay attention to the quality of production, only in the high-yield high-quality premise to win more repeat customers.

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