Installation of cement silos in concrete mixing stations

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The concrete mixing station in the cement warehouse in the installation process precautions

(1) The concrete screw in the concrete mixing station pours the foundation screw into the foundation pit, and adjusts the above four flanges on the same level when adjusting the center line of the cement silo bracket and the centerline of the foundation. (Measuring method: the theodolite Or diameter 8-10 transparent plastic hose plus color water measurement method), you can choose the concrete pouring. Pre-pit pouring concrete grades should be higher than the basic use of concrete in the winter construction, in order to shorten the duration, the use of concrete should be added early antifreeze. To be solidified concrete 5-7 days before the installation of cement warehouse, cement warehouse installation, the need for the use of theodolite on the cement body for vertical measurement, the vertical degree of one thousandth of the height. To shorten the duration, the infrastructure can also be used to replace the anchor bolts with embedded parts to fix the cement tank or mixer.
(2) the installation of the mixing plant in the concrete mixing station: the mixer under the plane of the appropriate pad height, with the hinge will be connected with the main shaft, installed cement scale, water scale, additive scale, you can lift, measurement And adjust the host chassis, so that in a horizontal state, the center line of the legs and the center line after the center line can be filled with anchor bolts in the pit (or the base and the embedded parts of the welding).
(3) the installation of other parts of the concrete mixing plant: concrete mixing station in the host and the cement tank after the installation of the installation, you can install the screw conveyor, before lifting, check the lubrication point filling oil and grease, to be empty Testing, found that the problem is resolved in time, the part of the ingredients installed, according to the requirements of the base map in place, a small batching machine placed in a solid foundation pier can be a large batch of equipment required to pour anchor bolts, the mechanical part of the installation of the end , Check all the lubrication points of various equipment with lubricating oil (winter in winter to be replaced for low temperature conditions of lubricating oil) or grease, you can according to the instructions and electrical schematic diagram of the wiring and the empty running test.

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