The maintenance of concrete mixer in daily work

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About the concrete mixer, earlier article has been introduced the structural design, working principle and other information. Now as the most commonly used commercial concrete mixing machine, twin shaft concrete mixer with good performance, high capacity and automated operation. As the core equipment of the concrete batching plant, the of the mixer maintenance should not be in cursorily, we need protect it well, insure it work with stable, safety and high efficient.

Before concrete batching plant start running, you can add water to the mixing drum, then mix a few minutes. At the same time, checking whether the brakes and the transmission device can do well. Lubrication equipment need to be lubricated at regular, especially in the mixer spindle. Check the oil pump fuel, add in time.  After completing a day’s work, equipment is also required to be maintained. The major step is lubrication and cleaning of the main part of the mixing shaft. Mixer spindle should be oiled, also the inside, outside, addition with discharge port and other parts need to be cleaned, without the concrete residue.

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