megawide batching plant in Philippines

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Megawide is one of the Philippine most progressive infrastructure conglomerates with a decisive portfolio in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), Airport Infrastructure, Progressive Property Development, and Renewable Energy.Megawide is a strong partner of the Philippine government, with projects such as the Mactan Cebu International Airport, the Southwest Integrated Transport System, and the PPP for School Infrastructure Project Phases 1 and 2.

Megawide concrete mixing plant is composed of ingredients, stirring, electrical control system and other components. At the same time equipped with a separate manual control, automatic fall compensation, gravel moisture content compensation, can automatically complete the scheduled tank production. The theoretical productivity of 25-240 cubic meters / hour, the discharge height of 3.8 meters, the storage hopper volume of 8 cubic * 3 positions Or 4 positions, the supporting host is the JS500-JS3000 forced two-shaft shaft mixer. Megawide mixing plant has a small amount of investment funds, occupies small space, uses few equipments, and is easy to maintain. It can be equipped with independent control room for performance, making the equipment easy to operate and safe. It can also produce high quality and high efficiency in the case of accurate metering of batching machines. Concrete.
The megawide concrete mixing plant is a mandatory, high-efficiency facility capable of producing a wide range of concrete such as plastic and dry hard concrete with high production efficiency. The megawide mixing plant is widely used in the construction of road construction bridges and commercial concrete production plants to produce high quality concrete. Specializing in the production of various series of concrete mixing plant. All the powders are in the fully closed state in the process of transportation, metering and delivery; the inlet dust collector and induced draft fan are installed in the main building; the dust generated by the vacuum suction aggregate collection cover, the host machine, the powder material measuring bucket, etc.; Belt conveyor with outer packaging and chute; the main building is completely closed, reducing dust and noise pollution. According to the need, the batching plant with different quantity and capacity can be configured. The following are the aggregate hopper and the output belt conveyor; the loader or belt conveyor is used for feeding;
It can be set into a warehouse for ground floor, half floor, high position or mixing floor; more than one of them is equipped with an imported vibrator, and it can be equipped with a moisture content tester. Users can choose the most suitable ingredient warehouse according to their actual situation. The imported powder tank accessories and conveying screw are arranged to ensure the smooth conveyance of powder; from the powder tank to the main building, gas conveying or powder tank can also be used for overhead installation. The measuring bucket is equipped with imported vibrator and pneumatic disc valve, tightly sealed and unloaded. The material is clean and fast. The megawide engineering concrete mixing plant equipment is a medium-sized mixing plant. It is a pull-loading mixing plant equipment. The entire equipment has a small investment, small footprint, easy operation, easy maintenance and can be equipped with an independent performance operation room.


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