Operating instructions of new forced concrete mixer

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What should we specially notice is the gap between the mixing blade and the stirring barrel bottom of concrete mixer, we should always check whether it meet the requirements. When the clearance exceeds the standard, will make the cylinder wall and the cylinder bottom adhesive residue layer too thick, add cleaning difficulties and reduce the mixing efficiency, such as stirring blade wear, timely adjust, repair or replacement.

The new forced concrete mixer operating instructions:

1, before start the forced concrete mixer, check whether there is a rotating part and a barrel collision phenomenon, such as collision, which should be timely adjusted.

2, reducer should be injected into the oil before using, discharging gear and sliding bearing is also should be infused oil.

3, clean the miscellaneous materials in barrel, the cylinder spacing device is locked, and then start the machine, as in a start after the discovery of the running direction does not meet the requirements, should be promptly cut off the power supply, will lead the arbitrary two phase exchange position, and then restart.

4, put concrete mixture into the barrel, close the cylinder cover, adjust the timing of relay according to the stirring time (cut off the power when adjusting).

5, start the motor, the spindle drives the stirring shovel operation, reaches the set time automatic parking.

6, when discharging to stop, and then will be expected to handle undo postural constraints, and then rotating the hand wheel, composed of a worm wheel drives the barrel is rotated to facilitate discharge position, stops rotating, and then start the machine so that the running of the spindle can be discharged from the materials, until the material discharge clean stop running of the spindle, rotating the hand wheel makes the material barrel reset.

7, clean barrel of forced concrete mixer, you can use either water or sand to clean the carrel.

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