The Operation Methods and Precautions of Batching Machine

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No matter it is commercial concrete batching plant or engineering concrete batching plant, the standard operation of batching machines can prolong the service life of the entire equipment, increase the qualification rate of concrete product, and reduce the production costs of enterprises. So what are the operation methods and precautions of batching plant?

1, before we turn on batching machine, we should check whether the electrical system and power system are normal, and concrete batching plant is also included.

2, we should turn on the batching machine after we ensure that electrical system and power system are normal, and then check whether the figure of weighing hopper is 0, if it isn’t 0, we should reset it.

3, the batching machine of concrete batching plant is divided into automatic correction program during the first weighting process. After the first correction, later batching of production should be carried out in accordance with the correction results of the last time.

When we weight the materials of batching silo, we should focus on the hopper cannot be locked by sundries; and if we find the figure is unusual in the weighing process, we should check whether there is sundry and pipe.

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