What are the points to consider in choosing concrete mixers?

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Concrete mixing station in city construction is an important part of it, for all kinds of roads, bridges, water conservancy project to provide Everfount concrete, ready mixed concrete cannot do without concrete mixer, mixer is an efficient model, not only can be used alone, and can also form a simple concrete batching machine station.
Well, what are the characteristics of a good concrete mixer?

1 、 oil leakage protection design: equipped with multi shaft end sealing protection device and wind pressure sealing protection device;
2 、 monitoring device: with independent monitoring device, you can always monitor, reducer, electric lubrication pump, unloading pump working state;
3, independent electric pump: concrete mixer should be equipped with special electric lubricating pump, requiring four independent pump core respectively to four bearings added lubricating oil respectively;
4, waterway system: requires a multi waterway sprinkler system, so that the water can be better and evenly sprayed in the host;
5, stable design: increase the weight of concrete mixer, make the host running more stable.

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