Precautions for operation and maintenance of concrete mix plant

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In the event of a failure of concrete mix plant maintenance, must put safety first, to establish the idea of “safety first. Now, what are the safety points that we need to pay attention to in the maintenance work of concrete mixing stations?

1, before carrying out the maintenance work of the main concrete mixer, we must first supervise the operator to cut off the power supply, lock the distribution cabinet, and put the warning board on the operation table before doing the job. The mainframe is strictly forbidden to enter the machine.
2. Before carrying out the maintenance work of the belt conveyer system, the power supply must be cut off first, the distribution cabinet is locked well, and the key is kept by the overhauler. When the operation is overhauled and adjusted, it really needs to be carried out in the running state of the conveying system. Two people must be present and do a good job, so that they can do their homework. No one person work is strictly prohibited.
3. The safe belt must be fastened in the operation of high altitude, especially in the operation of the silo.
4, when carrying out the operation of vehicle and loader, we must make good use of wheel weir, and support insurance when necessary, so as to prevent vehicle sliding and Jack collapsing, hurting people or damaging equipment.
5. When repairing the electrician, it is necessary to wear insulating protective equipment. Two people are present to work and no single work is prohibited. The maintenance electrician should check the circuit, switch and distribution box of the electric utilities inside the company once a month, timely rectify the problems identified and check the rectification records.
6, welders should wear protective clothing when carrying out welding operation. They should be careful to operate and prevent burns or stab the eyes. Do not disassemble and apply welding on the equipment, do the necessary preventive measures to prevent other parts from being damaged by welding.

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