How to prolong the service life of concrete mixer

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The concrete mixer is mainly the cement and gravel mixed evenly, as can be imagined, concrete mixer must have strong strength, and after stirring there must be some sediment consolidation in the impeller, and makes the body with a lot of soil. This is inseparable from the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer. How do you maintain the blender so that it will last longer?
First, in the use of concrete mixer between the preparation work, the most important thing is to check, check the work status of all parts is normal.
In second, after the completion of the work of the mixer body to timely cleaning, after use should be promptly clean up the dirt mixer, mixer body are removed, while avoiding the dirt can enter the motor, gear and other equipment. At the same time, lubricate the machine from time to time to avoid damage to the mixer due to heavy friction.
Third, it is necessary to pay attention to the work of it in concrete mixer work, such as motor drive gear, etc. these devices can work when they sound to determine whether it is normal, if there is what abnormal noise, to stop the machine to work, carefully check.
Only when the concrete mixer is maintained and maintained every day can the mixer be used for a long time to ensure the quality of the concrete to be more reliable.

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