A quick repair method for concrete mixers

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Concrete mixer equipment is running smoothly in the production process will not show big problems under normal circumstances. But we can not ignore the cycly maintenance. In order to adapt to the production characteristics of building materials companies to improve the quality of equipment repair and shorten the maintenance time, our technical staff sum up the three quick fix methods for you:

1.Part repair method. The primary thing is that in the maintenance process, a good spare parts can be first installed, and then repair the defective parts. In the maintenance process, we should pay attention to the parts of the defective parts and spare parts to be common, otherwise, it will can not be carried out.

2. Step-by-step repair method. This approach is to calculate the problems, and then repair step by step, this approach is characterized by short downtime, repair time is short.

3. Synchronous repair method. At the same time, several devices are patched at the same time. Quick repair method provide us a useful, brief , efficient maintenance method and specified the direction of the production of power for the equipment.

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