Safety operation procedure for concrete mixing plant

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Code of practice for safe operation of concrete mixing plant

1, the mixing station should be installed on a solid pedestal.
2, mixer console, should enable the operator to see the work of each department. The electric mixer shall be covered with rubber or drying boards.
3, when the hopper is placed at the lowest position, a buffer pad shall be added between the hopper and the ground.
4. Before the operation, the key inspection items shall meet the following requirements:
A. the voltage rise and fall of the power supply shall not exceed 5% of the rated value;
The connection of the motor and the component of the B. is firm. The protection of zero or ground resistance conforms to the regulations;
C. each drive mechanism, work device, brake and so on are all reliable and reliable, open gear, pulley and so on all have protective cover;
The oil content and oil content of the D. gear box comply with the regulations.
E. check whether the air compressor self protection device is normal and whether the air pressure is stable between 0.5 and 0.7Mpa.
F. check whether the measuring bucket is in free state, whether or not there is interference.
5, before operation, should start mixer, no-load operation. Make sure that the mixing drum or blade rotates in the same direction as the arrow on the barrel. In case of reversing the mixer, the mixing drum should be positive and reverse revolutions for minutes, and there should be no shock and abnormal noise.
6. Before operation, the hopper hoisting test shall be carried out. The clutch and brake should be observed and confirmed flexibly and reliably.
7. When feeding, it is forbidden to extend the head or hand between the hopper and the frame. In operation, it is forbidden to use hand or tool to extend into the mixing drum for picking and discharging.
8. In the operation of mixer, when the hopper rises, no one is allowed to stay or pass under the hopper; when the hopper needs to be checked or cleaned, the hopper shall be lifted and locked with a chain or an inserted pin.
9, to the mixing drum feeding, should be in operation, add new material should be in the mixing barrel of the original concrete all unloaded, can be carried out.
10, during the operation, should observe the operating condition of the machine, when the bearing temperature rise too high or abnormal phenomenon, should be down to check; when the need for maintenance, should be cleaned inside the mixing drum of concrete, and then repair.

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