Secret work principle of concrete mixing station

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Concrete mixing station is mainly composed of mixer, weighing system, material transportation system, material storage system and control system.
Mixingconsole there are mainly two types, respectively, mixing and stirring method since the fall, often used in the former, it can carry on the reasonable mixing of all types of concrete, including liquidity, semi dry, dry hard concrete, and self loading only mixing flow concrete.
In the mixing station in the modern material weighing system is the key part of the essential, mainly includes three parts of the aggregate weighing weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing, weighing system of station principle of work under normal circumstances: mixing less than 20 cubic meters per hour then overlay weighing, then use more than 50 cubic meters of material independent weighing way.
Material delivery system is also a very important component, generally divided into aggregate transport, powder transportation, liquid transport, etc.. The material storage system is almost the same in the concrete mixing station, the aggregate is placed outdoors, the powder is completely enclosed, the steel structure is stored, and the admixture is stored in the steel structural container.
The control system is the most important part of the whole set of equipment of concrete mixing, generally according to the different requirements of the mixing station and the size of the user to design small, simple mixing station construction site, large mixing station system is more complicated.

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