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First of all, when we purchase small batch plant equipment, we must fully consider the concrete output per hour. For example, the HZS35 mixing plant has a theoretical productivity of 35m3/h, but considering the slow feeding and the timely loading, the control room operator is skilled In terms of degree and other reasons, the actual output is basically between 25-30 cubic meters, and the user needs special attention. Secondly, when purchasing small concrete mixing equipment, it is better to cooperate with powerful and experienced large manufacturers. Small manufacturers tend to maximize profits. , The equipment cut corners, use inferior plate manufacturing, the whole set of mixing equipment durability is very poor, and there is no after-sales service; Finally, when we buy small mixing equipment, it is best to buy the factory site visit, after all, to buy the rest assured, with With ease, after sales can be assured.

What are the points that should be noted when constructing a small concrete mixing plant?

  1, the choice of equipment configuration. The scale of investment is relatively small. It is possible to use the mixing stations with all the domestically-made parts and the host with lower cost.
  2, the choice of equipment specifications. According to the internal use or external use, the internal selection of the host should be based on the construction capacity and the amount of concrete. The selection of the host for external use should be based on the local conditions and the estimation of the concrete demand.
  3, the choice of venue. When selecting a site for a small concrete mixing plant, ensure that the site is close to the distance between the stone yard and the sand mill, ensure adequate water sources, and keep away from residential areas. If we can fully utilize the hillside terrain, we can set the stockyard on the high ground plane of the hillside, which can reduce the loading height of the batching machine, make the loader’s climbing angle small or do not need to climb, save energy, and reduce Wear. Care must be taken to avoid ground and underground optical cables, power supply or communication cables when installing the equipment.

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